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Sometimes i get angry at the devil for being such a bully and i feel chills as well.

Im not sure whats happening but if im actually connecting with my angels and God id like to learn how to establish a full time connection.

Reply I get goosebumps when I hear that someone has died. I got it a lot when I lost my mum 12 years ago and it still continues.

It doesn’t alarm me it just makes me wonder why this should happen. I often have the “spiritual chill” even while reading this.

I see things in movies that give me chills like recently, I was watching a movie and they were talking about being in touch with Gods creatures the animals and i got a chill up the middle of my back and a high pitch ringing in my ears.

When i look to God and ask questions i feel the same chill.

Afterwards I knew something was with me, i felt it hovering and my goosebumps continued.

Best, Alexandria C Reply Melanie, My older sister just passed away from a long illness.

Before he passed, i could hear and see myself in him so much!

I wanted to talk to him so much and tell him that a quote in his presentation was so touching!

I predicted never being able to tell someone something I wanted to. Reply I have been receiving and channeling the Divine White Light for about six months. but I had to say goodbye to my beloved 9 yr old dog 3 days ago..

Within the past couple of weeks I’ve experienced strong Spiritual Chills flowing throughout my whole body, as I receive and channel the Divine Light. and for the past day I’ve been getting really intense chills running through my body while I’m laying on my couch (which was our favourite spot to lay together) and it’s not cold in my house, I’m not sick, it’s just a really weird feeling of chills through my whole body.

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