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I recently updated a Rails app from 3.2 to 4.2, and this guide contains the general guidelines to follow for making the upgrade easier.If your Rails app is on version 4.0.x or below 3.2, it’s very important that you upgrade immediately, since they no longer receives security updates.' 1) Error: Issue Test#test_visible_and_nested_set_scopes: Active Record:: Active Record Error: Impossible move, target node cannot be inside moved tree.app/models/issue.rb:1374:in `update_nested_set_attributes' app/models/issue.rb:173:in `create_or_update' test/object_helpers.rb:93:in `generate! For me (a rails / ruby newbie), it was not a short time task ;), but I'm shure i will rage against this with you help.

To fully understand the differences between Rails 2.2 and Rails 2.3, it is fundamental that you review the Rails 2.3 Release Notes available online at

Making incremental upgrades allows you to focus on what has changed in each of those versions.

If you run into problems, it is easier to figure out what changed between the minor versions rather than looking at all the changes.

Hi, just checking if there's a plan to add the Rails 4 support yet to do some next-stable Debian release planning.

New rack 1.5 broke rails-3.2, and we would really like to release next stable Debian with as latest rails release as possible by our reverse dependencies. But, Redmine has many Active and Active Record.create at tests.

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