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Even the happiest and most satisfied law firm client, though, would probably not derive much value out of a channel that features exactly one program, 24/7.These firms aren’t setting out to appear narcissistic and self-aggrandizing on purpose, even though that’s often the effect.That’s a publishing and broadcasting model people recognize and understand.As with Facebook, there are rare instances of firms that use Twitter well; they tend to be smaller firms that specialize in particular areas of law.Simmons Law Firm of Illinois links to news stories, reports and fundraisers that will interest people concerned with mesothelioma and asbestos.Texas family law and civil litigation firm Patel & Warren provides links from all over and, in a nice touch, Twittered last December that its firm was closing early due to bad weather.

There are extremely few people whose opinions and emotions are so compelling and central to the public good that we should hang on every character (up to 140) in which they’re detailed.The interest and utility of a Twitter account can be measured inverse to its focus on the Twitterer himself or herself.A good Twitter account talks about and links to things that matter to its readers, the same as a good blog or a good newspaper does; a lousy one assumes that the reason you’re following it is because you’re deeply, intimately interested in what the Twitterer is, says or does.Here’s what a typical law firm Twitter account contains: The firm’s Twitter feed is essentially a 140-character encapsulation and rebroadcast of its Media Page — and as a former member of the journalistic cabal, I can tell you that the Media Page is generally the most useless page on a law firm website, even (especially) for the media.These Twitter feeds assume that you, the reader, care exclusively about what the law firm and its lawyers are doing or saying.

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