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Ironically, a side effect of the short-cut method of not chewing is more hunger.

Chewing and tasting are basic to hunger satisfaction.

Though the mechanisms that govern these phenomena are little understood, this much is certain: to be fully nourished by food, we must experience it through tasting and chewing It’s no accident that many of the words we use to describe eating are the same ones used to describe the thinking process.

When presented with an idea, the mind will first grasp it and “chew” on it.

The lion must do this because its nature is to be aggressive.

But aggression here isn’t meant as some mean, vengeful act.

We want our hungers in life satisfied but aren’t fully willing to take the necessary steps.

So important is the level of crunch that many years ago, potato-chip manufacturers developed a sophisticated apparatus to measure the perceived level of crunch that consumers hear in their heads.

When we limit these simple gustatory requirements, the brain screams for more food.

Taste, texture, and satisfaction are literal nutritional requirements.

Like the lion, human beings have a distinct measure of innate aggression, and developmental psychologists often see this energy as first experienced through the infant’s desire to bite.

Psychologists call the original oral-aggressive act the “hanging-on bite” to the breast.

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This is a biting that establishes confluence with the mother.

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