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When you visit the Philippines whether to visit a girlfriend or just simply travelling, you’ll definitely feel welcome and at home that you wouldn’t want to leave. When you’re already dating a Filipina, I bet you already know some of these tips. I started this website to show you how I became an expat, and to help others do the same. Like they’re beautiful, caring, respectful, loves their families to pieces, and others.But in this article, we would be focusing on the secrets about dating a Filipino woman that nobody would tell you.It’s impossible not to fall in love with this country, most especially the Filipino people.When you’re dating a Filipina, a lot of pros and cons could take place.Girls treat bad odor and hygiene to a major turn off.

Not that she wants to take things too fast, but that’s just the way of the Filipino dating culture. The dating culture of Western countries and the Philippines are so far apart.For them, it’s a matter of choice and the way they were brought up, but that’s doesn’t mean that they don’t value marriage and family. Dating a Filipino woman is one thing and smelling good by having a proper hygiene is another.Filipinos are known all over the world because of their hospitality and kindness. When you’re in the Philippines, you’ll certainly feel at home not because of the place but because of the people. Every woman, not only a Filipina wouldn’t want to date someone who’s a slob with themselves.About 86% of the population in the Philippines are Roman Catholic and most of them are very religious.It’s been a part of the Filipino culture to be religious like going to church every Sunday, praying with the rosary, and many others.

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