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The agreement was for the Maori to collect Kauri trees (which produce a hardwood for boat building and fine furniture) and trade them for gold bullion.

The gold bullion was to be held in trust by the King of England and all colonial lands owned by the Maori people throughout the world would be leased for a 99 year period by The Crown with an agreed upon 60/40 split (60% to Maori and 40% to the English).

The total settlement bill to March last year was .3-billion.

I challenge Morgan to present a coherent argument to support his contention that "because the chiefs’ signatures were on the te reo version, it’s certainly possible they didn’t cede sovereignty then".

If he had read the treaty he would know that article 1 clearly states “the chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes and the other chiefs who have not joined the confederation, cede to the Queen of England for ever the entire Sovereignty of their country”.

But any mention of that document brings a torrent of spat tacks from grievers on the gravy train.

Because Morgan is woefully ignorant of the contents of the treaty he can make an idiotic statement like “how do we help Maoridom realise the all-important aspirations encompassed in rangatiratanga (used in Article 2, te reo version) in modern day Aotearoa New Zealand?

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