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The British scholars found the Sindhi language to be closer to Sanskrit and said that the Devanagari script would be suitable for it while the government servants favoured the Arabic script since they did not know Devanagari and had to learn it.A debate began, with Captain Richard Francis Burton favoring the Arabic script and Captain Stack favouring Devanagari.

It was used by traders and merchants to record their information and rose to importance as the script began to be used to record information kept secret from other groups and kingdoms.This is probably one of the largest libraries on the Sindh.The library is, as of now, not yet opened to the public so researchers still have to wait to consult this massive amount of information.He is considered by many academics and intellectuals a pioneer for his approach “from below” to the history of Sindh. Panhwar published several books and articles not only about irrigation, drainage, climate, geology, etc., but also about the history and society of Sindh, while focusing also on archaeology but mobilizing a number of other materials such as maps, pictures, sketches, etc.To some extent, he could have been more broadly recognized as a historian from the subaltern studies movement. Among the most significant works completed by Panhwar which have been recently uploaded on his website, let us mention April 2007), his personal library contained a wide range of publications and research materials, among which not less than 12, 000 books, 3 000 maps referring to the Sindh region and a large collection of pictures, all well arranged according to subjects or chronologically ordered (see here its detailed classification).

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