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Occasionally these fights have gotten personal, taking away what little credibility this community had in the eyes of many.

Regardless of what you feel about pickup artists and their community, The Game is a fascinating window into their world.

In fact, Neil Strauss’ first method, known as Annihilation Method, was taught to five men in Strauss home over a long weekend in 2005.

This approach flies right in the face of the methods of men like Ross Jeffries or Doc Love, men who make their material highly available, even leaking large portions of it for free to men who know how to run a search engine.

Not Strauss – after this extremely selective seminar, Strauss’ method was released to a larger audience.

The exact number is unknown, but Strauss offered to sell his method to the first “375” men to appear at his website to place an order.

As a music critic, Strauss’ interviews are the stuff of legend.

All the mystery of his Method is mirrored by the mysteries of his life. How did he get Jenna Jameson to open up to a stranger in such detail?Strauss once climbed into bed with Jewel during an interview, and the myths surrounding his alleged kidnapping by Courtney Love (one version of the story claims she stabbed and drugged him) are dirty enough to be withdrawn from this article.To top it off, Neil Strauss can list more than a few celebrity girlfriends to his credit, including the drummer from Courtney Love’s band The Chelsea.However, as noted by many in the community, often a small alteration of an elder’s method can lead to great success, and Strauss appears to have benefited from his Method’s similarity to those of his teachers.This is a common theme in the seduction community – take what is good about what you already know and tweak it to increase your notoriety.

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