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The sloth bear I can see, the miniscule red bird perched between maroon kapok flowers fifty metres away I can’t, but there’s hope for me yet.

Seeing one is an extraordinarily rare event for even the most devoted wildlife seeker.We quietly exchange notes from an elephant trunk’s distance. [caption id="attachment_2148" align="alignnone" width="369"] A tiger the writer didn't see in Royal Chitwan National Park.[/caption] From the first day, I feel like a latter day Mowgli.I’m on an old fashioned shikari minus the trophy hunting.In the local language, Chitwan means ‘the heart of the jungle.’ Established in 1973, the Royal Chitwan National Park also attained UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1984. kilometres make it one of Nepal’s largest wilderness areas.Located in the country’s southern Terai region it stretches along the Indian border for more than 50 kilometres and adjoins the Parsa Wildlife Reserve, creating a complex eco-system that combines riverine forest, open grasslands and the rugged Churia and Someshwor Hills, themselves part of the greater Himalayan range.

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