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When trying to get a taxi, Sjakie gets pushed aside and his glasses fall through a grid, which results in him getting stuck while trying to retrieve them.

Hours go by, with Sjakie even getting robbed by two hoodlums and being peed on by a dog, until a demented hobo helps him out and takes him to a shelter to get some food.

The Flodders meanwhile rescue a man who is attacked by a group of muggers, after which the grateful man introduces himself as Larry Rosenbaum and takes them to the shady night club he owns. A few days later the Flodders and the Rosenbaum couple have redecorated the night club, while at the same time Sjakie and his hobo friend are released from jail.

Although daughter Kees is not enthusiastic about Geoffrey, one of his advisers fears the worst and does research on the Flodder family.

Soon it becomes clear to the viewer that Geoffrey's father is in fact the president of the United States.

When spotting the Flodder sons across the road, Sjakie tries to get to them, but gets hit by a car and ends up in hospital with a concussion.

That same night, the night club opens again with a more Dutch oriented theme: bitterballen are served as snacks and daughter Kees does a striptease in a Frau Antje costume.

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At the reception, a young man named Geoffrey sees daughter Kees and immediately tries to hook up with her, claiming he instantly fell in love.

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