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Plumb bobs that are of special interest to collectors include: Before the measuring tape, rulers were extremely important to carpenters and builders.These long rules frequently were made to fold in on themselves and store in unique ways that makes them collectable now.The D-8 legend goes: Henry Disston sketched his design on the factory floor to show his engineers what he had in mind.The theory put forth by the company in 1874 advertising was that the "peculiar formation of the blade actually stiffen[s] and strengthen[s] it in a remarkable degree." Another interesting fact is that the D-8 was the first Disston saw to use the letter "D" in its designation.From flea markets to online shops, it's possible to find enough antique and vintage hand tools to satisfy even a niche collector.Educate yourself, make your purchases wisely and amass a tool collection worthy of any tool museum.This was in 1880 and most saws in the Disston line-up did not get a “D” designation until 1928.

Any of the following may be of special interest to collectors: A plumb bob is a weight that is suspended from a line.

When I started to clean this one I noticed it had five patent dates stamped on the handle.

I had not seen this before and thought it must be an early D-8.

I decided to investigate the history of this saw further and found some interesting information.

For a time in the late 1870's and early 1880's, Henry Disston and Sons exhibited their fierce protection of patents related to their saws, which were copied by other manufacturers.

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