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She hadn't been there since last summer when she had broken up with her boyfriend.

The break up hadn't been anyone's fault things just hadn't worked out.

There of course was a food truck at the beach, but Scott knew from personal experience that the prices were a complete rip off.

Scott and Marina held hands and went down the wooden walk way. " Although Marina spoke perfect English there was no hiding her strong Russian accent. " Scott and Marina turned to the right and saw their history teacher Miss Natalie Porter walking up to them.

However, not a piece of litter was on the sand and there was plenty of shade. Scott and Marina smiled like kids on Christmas and rushed down to the beach.

It's a lot smaller than this one, but if you want to go with me that would be great." Scott and Marina both enthusiastically said yes and they got into their car and followed Natalie.

Scott turned on the radio and they listened to which was Marina's favorite American song.

It had been her who had given Marina the courage to ask Scott out. There really wasn't any room for people to have fun or even get comfortable.

Scott did his best not to let his eyes wonder as he said. "I don't think there's any enjoyment to be had here," Marina replied. "Yeah unless there's another beach we can go to I think today is going to be a total bust." Natalie knew that there was another beach that they could all go to.

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