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Nate explained at the start of the clip that they were 'ideally' looking for a three bedroom home with at least two bathrooms, so his brother can have his own room.Meanwhile, Sheila said they decided that they were comfortable spending ,000 to ,500 on their rent per month, but Nate wasn't truly devoted to the budget they set.'On my home, I saw the perfect house for us, and I wanted to show Sheila,' he said.The two visited the home with their realtor, who told them it has four bedrooms, four and half baths, and a finished basement. While Nate was enamored with the home's high ceilings, spacious rooms, columns, and 'fancy' piano, Sheila kept pointing out that it might be too big for them.'I don't even think we need all this space,' she said while still trying to keep an open mind.

I know she wants a leader so I need to step up and kind of be the man of the house.'Of course, Cody wasn't the only one who put his foot in his mouth.The couple was also pretty relaxed with picking a location for their new home, even though they were both looking at a longer commute.While Danielle works in Chicago, Cody travels to Rockford, Illinois for his job.After he dropped the 'friend' bomb, Cody spent Thursday night's episode of the reality series trying to explain what he really meant when she said he wanted to pump the breaks on their physical intimacy.At the end of their trip, Danielle hoped they would be taking their relationship to the next level, but Cody shocked her when he told her that he actually wanted to pull back on their relationship — and focus on getting to know each other as 'friends'.'On the honeymoon, I was definitely really passive romantically,' Cody admitted. 'I felt like I was forcing for Danielle to like me and not being myself,' he added.

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