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Thanks Andrew Hello Andrew, For your scenario, your data access class's update method will take a int[] input parameter and you use it in Object Datasoruce, and the parameter source is a List Box(configuer as multi-select ), I think you need to take care of the following things: 1. Items to Object Data Source's update parameter, because they're unmatched on type(one is List Item Collection, the other is int[]) 2. Page ============================== Actually, for such scenario, it's more straightforward that we directly call the custom class's method instead of Object Data Source. Sincerely, Steven Cheng Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead ================================================== Get notification to my posts through email? Note: The MSDN Managed Newsgroup support offering is for non-urgent issues where an initial response from the community or a Microsoft Support Engineer within 1 business day is acceptable.

The object that contains the original data is passed as a parameter to the Update method.

The target audience for this series are developers that are ready to make the switch from using controls with custom business objects. NET 2 and C# is necessary while some knowledge about object oriented design certainly helps.

This is part three of the article series "Building Layered Web Applications" that shows you how to build N-Layer applications with Microsoft ASP. These articles teach you how to design, build and use custom business objects in your web application.

I was able to get everything to work correctly with the Grid View except when it came to performing an update.

This effectively removes the additional parameters from being added.

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